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Flyboys – Stick and Rudder Tales from the Fredericksburg Ex-Military Flyers Club

December 9, 2014

Want to read some new flying stories?

I have another project in the works – I have been collecting stories from the Fredericksburg Ex Military Flyers Club and am putting them in a book.  It is a big project.  The first story will be Sam in a B-17 over Hanover with his airplane full of holes from the flak and a pair of Me-262 jet fighter lining on him.  The last story?  You’ll have to buy the book to find out.  Stories come from all kinds of airplanes, from the UH-1 Huey helicopter to the C-5, but they all have this in common – there is a stick and there are rudder pedals and throttles.

There will be a print version and an e-book version.  And you know something?  They are real and true and honest.

I started writing Killer 21.  I may change the title if I can think of a better one – we never used the same call sign twice and most weren’t actual words.  I suppose that was to confuse the Russians.  I am going to have to dig out my Dash 1 and inflight checklist, because I can’t remember a lot of that stuff.  Like the “Engine Fire In Flight” checklist, which I ran it one time for real.  I do remember what that life was like, and the story will be authentic.  The protagonist will be  2nd Lieutenant Tom Harter, and if you have read Awol 21, you already know him.

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