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June 10, 2014

My friend Tom is writing a story which is coming to a dramatic conclusion. The hero has four issues to deal with, each of which is potentially devastating. He feels as if he has been cut off at the knees. Does the story conclude with all the actors gathered in the drawing room, the policeman waiting outside the door, all waiting for the detective to reveal the identity of the murderer? Or does the hero face each issue separately, resolving them one at a time? Tom doesn’t know yet, and this is probably the trickiest part of writing this story. He has great characters – we hate the bad guys and love the good guys. At this point it is looking pretty grim for our hero.

High Noon

I am at the same point in my story Fort Davis Rocks. My hero is in the hands of the villain and in the very jaws of death. Does he survive, get the girl, and keep the ranch?

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