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The Middle of the Night

April 9, 2014


Sometimes things come to me in the middle of the night that makes sense. I have been trying to figure out a significant plot detail for a while, and it popped into my head at 2:30 AM. I wonder if I have been too distracted by other events in my life for my subconscious to get it through to my conscious.

When my friend Mara told me 10 years ago that her characters spoke to her, I said she was a little nuts. I had to change my mind about that when my characters started talking to me. Now I just say that we are all a little nuts. She is planning to release her latest romance/thriller on April 15th and is asking lots of people to buy it on Kindle that day to make a splash. Mara and I formed the Fredericksburg Writers Conference a year ago; she has the ideas, I know how to make them happen, and it has been quite a success.

Perhaps, now that I know how this story gets to a major scene, I can get on with business.

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  1. Ahh, yes. The middle of the night character awakenings. I am one of those nuts whose characters wake me at odd hours of the night (or smack me in the head during the day) to reveal a scene or tell me what they do or don’t like about my latest plot twist. They seem to think they are the ones in charge, regardless of who holds the pen.

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