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May 20, 2013

I don’t know where my story is going.  The last time I got a few words down, I set up a scene with two characters alone, but now I can’t remember why.  The villains are jeering at me, the protagonist is stone-faced, the other characters have wandered off for a drink or gone to bed early.  My kid who hated reading is beating me at words with friends, as is a bald hairdresser I met in prison.  I’m spending too much time playing solitaire. Sounds like writers block to me.  I used to sneer at those people, who complained in pitiful blog posts that they were stuck.  Hell, I could crank out 250 words waiting for the onions to brown in a sauté pan!  Now, instead of ‘soon to be famous writer’ I am ‘used to be a writer’.


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  1. Keep the faith…the words will return when your brain is ready to throw out new ideas.

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