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Course Corrections, Part II

April 27, 2013

I haven’t written much in the last six months.  My characters quit talking to me, or perhaps I haven’t been listening.   There are things I am supposed to be doing that I am not doing.  After a lifetime of mowing my own lawns I hired a guy to mow one of them because I don’t seem to be doing it myself.  I spent all last week in prison, helping guys find a relationship with God, a sort of vacation from reality.   I haven’t been working much, but I  am not in a financial position to retire.   I need some inspiration to get back to work.  Real work:  making money, putting words on paper, and getting in shape for my next big adventure. 

My Toastmasters club, which has absolutely the coolest, most diverse group of people I am around, again provided me with inspiration.  Patrick Wilson, a very cool guy from Hye, Texas, has written a book called God’s Law of Attraction.  He says that if you set goals, God will help you achieve them.  He says that what you think about is what happens.  I have heard this before in different contexts, from different sources, from different spiritual mentors.  Sounds like it is worth a try. 

My life has been on hold, waiting on my divorce to be finalized.  After months of alternating between depression and anger, I sat down with my wife a week ago, and in a loving way we worked out the settlement.  I may be giving up more than I have to, but it was the right thing to do, and she and I are friends again.  Both of us will move forward with our lives.  I will read Patrick’s book, set goals, and move forward.  I may even put the goals down here.

Flying from point to point requires lots of small heading changes.  Unexpected winds, not holding the correct heading, traffic, all require attention to stay on course to your destination.  I used to fly low level navigation training missions with students in the T-38. Typically the route was 22 minutes at 400 mph at 1,000 feet above the ground.  For various reasons we would often end up only a couple of hundred feet above the ground, and often went over mountain ridges upside down.  It was fun but required close attention.  Flying across oceans or the polar icecap at 30,000 feet also required course corrections, but not so frequently or large as at low altitude. 

Time for another course correction.  One of the characters from Fort Davis Rocks is waiting for me to start listening.  This morning I will mow two of those damned lawns.  I’m going to get to Enchanted Rock for a walk before Monday.  Life is good!

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  1. All the best to you Robert–it gets better, I promise! Been there. Now get back to your writing because you’re good at it and it heals the soul.

    • Thanks! I am now involved with a girl who suits me quite well, and, of all things, has a masters in English! I never before realized the qualities English majors have in a society which prizes engineers. I am a History major and English minor, and in retrospect, that education has helped make me who I am.

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