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November 28, 2012


Enchanted Rock State Park has a wonderful 4.87 mile loop trail running around the second largest granite dome in the United States, and is only a twenty minute drive from my house.  It’s a great trail for an afternoon hike or trail run.  A couple years ago my training program included running the loop trail on a regular basis; now I’m content to jog along for about ten minutes, walk a bit, and repeat.  Two Sundays ago, I decided to head out and try running it again, but on the drive there I started thinking about the parts of the park I hadn’t seen yet.  It’s a small park by state park standards, yet with all my explorations there are places I haven’t been.

And with these thoughts my agenda began to fade without me even realizing it.  As I parked and walked along the paved road to the trailhead…

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  1. Sounds like it was a lovely sojourn–thanks for sharing it, I enjoyed reading about your experience.

  2. You and I met over the word cougar*; in my story Enchanted Rock Blue(s), one of the characters is a cougar. Cougars live in the Texas hill country, but they are very hard to find or see, and as my character Maurice says, “Cougars remind us that we are not always at the top of the food chain, and that makes us less arrogant.” For that matter, there are cougars in New York, too, although more of the human female variety than the Felis concolor type.

    *I am glad that we met, as you are an entertaining person.

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