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Reader Reviews and Comments

A guest in my bed and breakfast left this review:

What a surprise read! I picked up this book because I neglected to charge my Kindle and couldn’t start my newly downloaded book. “Enchanted Rock Red” was in the guesthouse where I was staying. Since I was in Fredericksburg and near Enchanted Rock, I thought I’d give it a try. I was finished 24 hours later! I really enjoyed the story and the relatable characters; am pretty sure I’ve met those characters more than once in my life. I loved that it was a local story. Some may think the plot line a bit far-fetched. But, if you live in Central Texas and pay attention to the changing times, you know it’s not. It was a wonderful glimpse into the Fredericksburg area and an awesome detailing of Enchanted Rock. You should definitely pick it up…a great escape into one of Texas’s greatest parks! Looking forward to reading Enchanted Rock Blue(s)!


I have recently had an email conversation with a reader who also read Enchanted Rock Red in my bed and breakfast, and went on to buy copies of both Red and Blue(s).  She has a degree in forestry and connected with Maurice immediately.  I have enlisted her as  a proof reader for Fort Davis Rocks, now I just have to get it finished!  She sent me this quote:

Life is like a mountain, the higher it is, the harder it will be to get to the top.  Life is full  of ups and downs.  Just like a mountain, you need to climb until you get to the top.  The view from the top is beautiful and the aches and pains you get as you climb make this view unforgettable.  Live life to the fullest.  Learn from your mistakes (downs) and rejoice your ups with your loved ones.  When God decides to call your name, you’ll know that you lived your life fully.  If at first you don’t succeed,  try again until you get to the top.  The view is waiting for you.  Have no regrets!
Norma A. Ordonez



  1. Belle Weaver permalink

    I had the pleasure to meet Robert and his lovely companion Linda over Valentine’s day in Ft. Davis, and being curious, got the kindle version of Ft Davis Rocks – what a GREAT book! I suppose it came more alive for me because we had just been in the area, but absolutely could not put the book down! Have now gotten Enchanted Rock Red and Enchanted Rock Blue, can’t wait to get them started. Well done, Robert.

    Belle Weaver

  2. Belle Weaver permalink

    I will do that, would be happy to leave a review there. Loved the scenes at the bistro, as Mark and I also dined there when we were in Ft. Davis

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